Um, hi. So, I’m a PHD-student in natural language processing at a European university, and I’m technically also a mole, but probably not in the derivative meaning you might initially think about. I just happen to be blind, which also, incidentally, would make me either a horrible spy or an awesome one, depending on the purposes.

As it happens, the purposes of the current work I do as a self-appointed PHD mole, apart from exploring computational linguistics approaches to hyperbole detection, obviously, is to spy on myself and my learning process continuously in order to make sure that it isn’t getting tampered with by too much imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or miscellaneous accessibility issues as a consequence of my blindness. In this blog, I plan to cover a variety of aspects of PHD life, from interesting research topics, to less private rants about challenges I encounter. Some of the posts might be about my own work or interesting subfields or research within linguistics/natural language processing/machine learning that I become aware of, but others might also just be about documenting the PHD journey with blindness in order to be a resource for anyone who might wish to proceed me.

Have fun reading!